The Problem Solver

The Problem Solver by Tom Gehring is now available for purchase from Amazon.

There once was a hurt and broken person who had experienced a lot of pain and suffering in his life. He was at his wit's end. Indeed, he wanted to end it all. What was the point of going on? Why bother? He was ready to give up. He was done. But, he decided he would take one more crack at solving his problems before ending it all. What did he have to lose? The man decided to look for the ultimate problem solver. One just had to exist. A counselor, a psychiatrist, a preacher, a teacher, a brilliant philosopher, the ultimate friend. Someone. And so his new journey began.

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There comes a time in your life when you have to settle it. Be done with it. It's time. Do not let things drag on. Weigh you down. Stop you from progressing. Stop you from proceeding with your mission in life. It's not worth it. It never is. It never will be. You, who are reading this, are a precious person. Your potential is real. Your potential is unfathomable. You have much to give. Whatever it is in your life that you need to settle, a lawsuit, a dispute with a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a business partner, a personal problem, a bad habit, an addiction-do it now. You will be blessed if you do. And you will be a blessing to others. Settle It! Now. And get back to your blessing.

Our name, Montserrat Press, was inspired by the Montserrat Mountain; a multi-peaked mountain located near the city of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. The word Montserrat means “jagged or serrated mountain.”

It is a beautiful place well known as the site of the Benedictine Abbey, Santa Maria de Montserrat, which hosts the ‘Virgen de Montserrat’ sanctuary and it is believed by some to be the location of the Holy Grail.

The monks who reside in this Abbey live a life of work and prayer, following Saint Benedict’s motto, Ora et Labora (Pray and work.) This monastery has been a sanctuary for those in need for hundreds of years. It is also one of the principal centers of Catalan culture through research and publication of works in history, theology, biblical studies, liturgy, philosophy, etc. It is a center of solidarity and communion and we strive to honor it in every way.

Our vision is to encourage your vision: If you want to publish it.

To make a difference.
To provide another solution.
To see it differently.
To be fearless because you refuse to give up.

We believe that all of us on this earth are spiritual beings and are called to help others.
We want to inspire and encourage writers and authors. This philosophy compels us to make a difference, specifically to make every effort to complete the project in front of us. Some of our writers/authors are in the fight of their lives, the fight for their lives. Perhaps you are in a cathartic mode, and you must write in order to survive the crisis that surrounds you, that taunts you, perhaps stealing your joy. We have a unique solution.

Relationship and story are the two most important words in our mission of encouragement. Our staff is dedicated to serve and provide the best solutions and processes in the industry. Writers are foremost at Montserrat. You, the writer, will be treated with respect and professionalism.
We value your creative diligence and offer turnkey services unlike any in the industry. Perhaps your book can be printed and distributed in the format that best represents your goals and your voice – if you want to Publish It!

We will not contemplate any option that keeps your work off the market, nor hijack your rights and/or royalties. We strive for just relationships, a good story well told, and representation throughout our shared journey.

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